High-Performance Computing SSD Series C2 Plans

Using the latest generation Intel series processors, the C series offers high-performance compute instances with high IOPS and memory for webscale applications.

Plan Processor Memory Storage Bandwidth Location Price
BHC2.12GB vCPUs 4 Dedicated RAM 12 GB 100 GB SSD Unlimited India Rs.2,643.00 havonta Rendelés
BHC2.15GB vCPUs 6 Dedicated RAM 15 GB 150 GB SSD Unlimited India Rs.3,555.00 havonta Rendelés
BHC2.20GB vCPUs 8 Dedicated RAM 20 GB 300 GB SSD Unlimited India Rs.4,499.00 havonta Rendelés
BHC2.30GB vCPUs 12 Dedicated RAM 30 GB 450 GB SSD Unlimited India Rs.6,499.00 havonta Rendelés
BHC2.40GB vCPUs 16 Dedicated RAM 40 GB 600 GB SSD Unlimited India Rs.9,990.00 havonta Rendelés